Updates :O

So yeah it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything u__u haven’t been drawing ponies for a looong time, but I’ve started up again! It’s taking a while to get back into it haha everything looks wonky D;

Also a couple (i can’t remember how long ago bleh) months ago my hard drive crashed so a loooot of old drawings are lost :/ I might paint over the old sketches i have here but iunno.

Anonymous asked:

what brushes do you usually use for your work?? they look so lovely!

I use like 2 brushes pretty much, one is called ‘oil paint flat brush’ that already came w/ MS5 and the other I downloaded (I can’t remember where I got it ; ^ ; ┬ábut it was grunge something or other).

(I’m sorry if this is a late reply! My inbox didn’t have a number on it so I didn’t know D: )


As I posted on DA some while ago, I’ve been working on other things at the moment instead of focusing on my hobby, which is drawing. I will post again, just not at this moment! Hope you all understand!

Updates will be a loooot less frequent (haha like they were even frequent in the first place ; v ; ) but all this doesn’t mean I’m quitting on drawing ponies n stuff <3


reminder for self: even though your art isn’t where you want it to be right now, don’t drag yourself down comparing yourself to other artists thinking you can’t ever do better than what you can do now (that ends up making drawing a lot harder).

almost cried today comparing myself to others when I looked through other artists’ galleries (being in a slump doesn’t help how i feel either skdjalsdj), but I just need to keep practicing a lot!!

I don’t need compliments, but I had to get this off my chest.